PostCardsAway – Photo PostCard App for IOS available on the App Store May 1, 2018

PostCardsAway is one amazing Photo PostCard app. Designed for iOS devices, this Photo Postcard app is one of the most sophisticated yet user friendly Photo PostCard Apps available today. It will be released on the App Store on May 1, 2018, but you can pre-order PostCardsAway right now. An Android version is currently in development and should be available on the Google Play store in the near future.

Here’s a rundown on some of the features and functionalities which makes PostCardsAway and Awesome Photo PostCard app and one which you definitely should download and check out.

Photo Postcard Cost

PostCardsAway is FREE. The user simply pays $1.49 for each Photo PostCard they create and mail. That price includes FIRST CLASS postage and delivery by the United States Postal Service to anyone in the United States. PostCards mailed to International destinations cost $3.49.

Photo PostCard features

The PostCardsAway Photo Postcard is a 4 1/4 inch x 6 inch postcard which is printed on 80 pound heavy stock, is printed in full color and includes a Glossy Finish and a UV coating to help protect the Postcard and help preserve the Photo Postcard from fading for years to come.

PostCardsAway Photo Postcard functionalities

PostCardsAway blows away the competition with features and functionalities that makes the process of creating Photo Postcards quick and easy.

The first thing you will notice is that the PostCardsAway Photo Postcard app is super friendly to the user. The screens are clean and uncluttered unlike the cramped and confusing screens of so many others.

Getting started with PostCardsAway is a breeze due to the intuitive workflows designed for making your user experience a delight.

Creating a Photo Postcard involves three steps: adding a Photo from either the Photo Library or the device camera, editing the photo if you choose using a very robust photo editor, personalizing a message, then selecting and adding a recipient or recipients from your contacts list or search. This could not be easier. PostCardsAway also provides error handling just in case your forget to do one of these steps. Once you have completed making your Photo Postcard you will be able to preview the Front and Back of the Photo PostCard. Once you have approved your creation, you’ll checkout and mail your Photo Postcard.The first time through the app, you’ll enter your email address so you will receive a confirmation for your photo PostCard purchases. You’ll also select and enter a payment source, which can be the Apple pay you set up on your device or a credit card you can scan or manually enter at the time of checkout. The payment screen allow you to edit your email address, add payment sources, and displays the number of postcards you are sending and the total amount of your order.

Simply agree to the Terms and Conditions, then pay for your purchase. The payment will be processed, the photo will be uploaded to a storage server, and the print request will be sent for printing and mailing. By the way, your Photo PostCard will be processed and mailed the very next business day via First Class delivery by the United States Postal Service. You’ll see activity spinners that inform you that the order is in process, and you’ll receive a Popup notification that your PostCardsAway Photo Postcard is on its way. Click OK and you’ll be returned to the Create another Photo PostCard Screen to start another Photo PostCard. Not only that but the PostCardsAway app has saved all of your contacts in an easy to use table and the Photo PostCard itself for reuse if you want to send the same postcard to another person. WOW ! Now that is Totally Awesome. !

Once you’ve completed going through the PostCardsAway Photo PostCard app the first time, you’ll find that creating Photo PostCards is even faster than the first time through which is pretty fast in itself.

E-mail Confirmation of your purchase.

You’ll also receive an email confirmation of your purchase, so make sure your preferred email address is correctly spelled and entered at the time of checkout.


If you ever need some help, PostcardsAway has a Contact Support functionality built into the app. Click on the Contact Support Link and you will be able to send PostCardsAway an email with your concerns or questions.

PostCardsAway also has an Awesome web site
that has a getting Started Guide, FAQ’s, and Video tutorials which go over the various features and functionalities.

The PostCardsAway Photo PostCard app is one of the very Best if not the Best Photo PostCard app in the market today.

In future Posts we are going to review the Photo Editor, the Reuse Photo PostCard Functionality, recipient selection process, and the Payment source selection process.

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